Preparing for the Test

Preparing for the Test

  • Begin your study well in advance of the test date.

  • Get the handbook, 'Life in the United Kingdom Handbook A Guide for New Residents'.
    Premium members have free access to the handbook on our site, alternatively you can buy it from tsoshop for £9.99.

  • Read all chapters.
    Only these chapters are inlcuded in the test.

  • After reading each chapter, choose chapterwise test and complete all questions from that chapter atleast once.
    If you don't know the answer to any question, never guess the answer, click on the question to go to the details page, read it again, find the correct answer or see the reference added under every question.

  • Once completed the chapterwise test for all three chapters, change the test to random mode and take as many tests as possible.
    The more you attend the better.


On the Day of the Test

  • Remember to take photographic ID with you.
    Click here to see the list of accepted IDs.

  • Arrive at the Test center atleast 15 minutes before your test begins or as been advised.

  • Remember that the test is a series of 24 questions based on 'Life in the United Kingdom Handbook A Guide for New Residents'. You will have 45 minutes to answer 24 questions. You need to score atleast 75% marks which means the maximum wrong answers you can have is 6.

  • You will find out your results when the test session has finished.
    The test supervisor will tell you whether or not you have passed.

  • It's a good idea not to tell your friends and relatives about the acutual test date, let it be a surprise to them when you pass the test. Also it will avoid any unncecessary tension about facing the calls from them just in case you fail.