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Life in The UK Test General

What is UK Citizenship test ?

If you are applying for naturalisation as a British citizen, you will need to show that you know about life in the UK. If you live in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, you can do this in two ways: by taking the Life in the UK Test or by taking combined English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and citizenship classes.

The test is conducted by the Home Office, the test is a series of 24 questions based on 'Life in the United Kingdom Handbook A Guide for New Residents'. You will have 45 minutes to answer 24 questions.


Who has to take the test?

You should take the test if you are applying for naturalisation as a British citizen and your level of English is ESOL Entry 3 or above. If your level of English is lower than ESOL Entry 3 and you wish to apply for naturalisation, you will need to attend combined English language (ESOL) and citizenship classes instead. Classes will be run at your local further education or community college.


How do I know what my level of English is?

If you are not sure what your level of English is, your local further education college or learndirect centre can give you an initial assessment. If you need help finding somewhere near you to take an initial assessment, then call the Life in the UK Test Helpline on 0800 0154245.


How can I find out if my English is good enough to take the test?

If you are not sure what your level of language ability is, you should work through the tutorial on the life in the UK test website www.lifeintheuktest.gov.uk. If you do not fully understand the information then it is likely you will need to enrol on an ESOL with citizenship course.


What does the test consist of?

The test is taken on a computer at one of around 100 Life in the UK Test centres in the UK. The test consists of 24 questions based on the information contained in the handbook "Life in the United Kingdom Handbook A Guide for New Residents". 45 minutes will be allowed for the test, but most people will be able to complete it in less time. From 2013 people taking the test must study the revised edition of the Handbook and take new, revised test. The new test will also consist of 24 questions, to be answered in 45 minutes, but the test will asked questions on all chapters of the revised handbook.


Is the test going to change in 2013 ?

Yes, you will be tested on the third edition of the handbook. From 2013, the test will be based on the third edition.

We have all our questions revised according to the new syllabus.


What chapters of the new handbook are used for the new test?

The scope of test questions has been extended to all chapters. However, because the handbook has been rewritten, the volume of material applicants will need to read will remain roughly the same, and the inclusion of key learning areas will help them too.


Where can I take the test?

At one of the 90 test centres around the country, which are welcoming and friendly environments for you to take your test. Most of them are also learning centres where you can brush up on your language or computer skills. Find out where your nearest test centres are in the Find a test centre section of this website.


Where can I find out more information about the test?

Visit 'Life in the UK Test webiste' for more information about the test. If after reading this website you still have some questions, you can contact the Life in the UK Test Helpline on 0800 0154245 for more help.


About UKTestOnline.co.uk

Sometimes this site is not appearing in google search ?

Depending on the way google index the websites the position in google search results may vary. To come back to UKTestOnline.co.uk easily next time click here to book mark this site. Once it is bookmarked you can open it from your browser's favourite menu next time.


Is UkTestOnline.co.uk an official government site ?

No. UKTestOnline.co.uk was setup to help people prepare for the test. The site contains study materials and practice questions.


How UKTestOnline.co.uk can help me pass the test first time ?

The site contains official study materials and more than 1000 practice questions. Read the 'Life in the United Kingdom Handbook A Guide for New Residents' handbook, which is available for premium members and then attend our practice questions. Similar to the original test practice test contains 24 questions and you will have 45 minutes to complete. Try our practice questions as many times as you like.


Where do I start ?

To start using the site, follow these simple steps:

  • Click on "Subscribe" button on the top
  • Select a package, we recommend PREMIUM
  • Click on Continue button
  • Provide your valid email address and
  • Complete the payment
  • Once the payment is completed you will be redirected to the site(if used google checkout click on business link on top)


How the questions were setup ?

Questions are randomly selected from a pool of over 1000 questions.


Why only over 1000 questions while some other websites offer a lot more ?

The questions were taken from Life In The United Kingdom handbook. We have made every effort to include everything which is important. The less number of questions means we have virtually no repeating questions in the pool making it easy for our customers.


How many tests can I take on uktestonline.co.uk site ?

You can take as many tests as you like. There is not limit to the number of tests you can appear on the site. Your account will be deactivated after the subscription period.


Can I see my previous test results ?

Yes, login to "myaccount" page, where you will see all your previous tests listed in the date order. Clicking on a test will show you the details, including the questions and answers. You can check the correct answers at any time against what you have answered.


Are these questions always randomly selected ?

Similar to the actual test each practice test has 24 questions randomly selected from all chapters of the handbook. However if you want to see questions from a specific chapter you may do so by changing your preferences from "randomised test" to "chapterwise test".


What is the difference between randomised test and chapterwise test ?

Randomised test will display random questions from all chapters where as chapterwise test will show questions belonging the chosen chapter. Chapterwise test is available to PREMIUM account holders only. As a special introductory offer it has now been extented to BASIC account holders as well.


How do I setup chapterwise test and how does it help me ?

Login to your account page. Under 'Preferences' section change question type from random to chapterwise. Select the the chapter from the dropdown list. Click on the "Take a NEW TEST" link to start the test. Remember that you will only see questions from the selected chapter as you are in chapterwise mode. Once the questions in the selected chapter is finished come back to your myaccount page and choose a different chapter from the list.

You can change the question type back to randon at any time if you wish.

We recommend you complete the chapterwise test atleast once for each chapter to ensure that you have covered every inch of the document.


Do you guarantee 100% pass mark in the exam ?

We recommend you study the official guide (which is available on the site). When taking the test if you are in doubt never try to guess answers, click on the question which will open the relevant page from the handbook, read the page again to find out the answer.

We recommend you complete the chapterwise test atleast once for each chapter so that you would cover every inch of the guide.

The questions on this site are not real questions, so do not memorise them. They were prepared to help you pass the test first time saving you money.


Registration & Subscription

What is the difference between a basic account and premium account ?

Premium account holders have complete access to the official study material, "Life in the United Kingdom" handbook, all other facilities like, unlimited practice test, viewing old test results etc. are common to premium and basic account holders.

With the new changes all registrations are granted with a premuim account by default. No payment needed.


How can I upgrade from basic to premium ?

Click on the login link on very top of the page to go to myaccount page. If you are a basic account holder you will see "Upgrade to Premium" button in your account page. Click on the button and complete the payment. The amount will be the difference between basic fee and premimum fee.

With the new changes all registrations are granted with a premuim account by default. No payment needed.


I registered but didn't make any payment, can I still use the site ?

To access our free sample questions you don't need to register. You can access all our free resoucrces even without registering. You need an active account to take practice questions and read study materials. The account will be activated as soon as you make the payment.

If you are registered and haven't made any payment login to my account page and click on either "Basic" or "Premium" button to subscribe to basic or premium account.

With the new changes all registrations are granted with a premuim account by default. No payment needed.


My account is not active ?

Your account will be activated and be ready to use as soon as the payment is completed. However if you have registered more than one account with us and have paid for only one account, only the paid account will be active.

If you have only one account, which is not activated after the payment, do a logout, close the browser and try again.

If you still have difficutlies please let us know, we will help you out.

With the new changes all registrations are granted with a premuim account by default. No payment needed.


What if my subscription expire ?

Login to your account page. You can extend your subscription for either 10 days or 60 days in your account page.


Cost & Payment

How much does it cost ?

The basic package is £5.99 and the PREMIUM package is £7.99. The subscription is for 60 days, after that you can extend for 10 or 60 days if required. During the active period you have unlimited access to the practice questions and study materials*.

With the new changes all registrations are granted with a premuim account by default. No payment needed.


Can I request a refund ?

No, we don't issue any refund. However if you haven't appeared for any test, we might consider your request.


More questions ?

If you have any questions please let us know. Our support team will answer your questions within 24 hours(usually within 1-2 hours).

  • http://www.ind.homeoffice.gov.uk/applying/nationality/knowledgeoflifeintheuk
  • http://www.lifeintheuktest.gov.uk/